The Best Ever New Year

As we enter into a New Year, it is really important to BELIEVE in your own success, ability, values, etc. To get there, consider the following five questions.

  1. Celebrate – what have been my successes? My wins? My achievements? My special moments in the year just ending?
  2. Educate – what did I learn during 2010? What are the three best business lessons? What are my three best life lessons of 2010? Better choices come from better awareness.
  3. Clarification – what are my “Big 5” for 2011 (these goals will become a magnificent obsession, which I will look at every day). What are my top 5 values for 2011? What are my top 15 goals for 2011? Clarity precedes mastery; creativity + audacity = mastery.
  4. Graduation – take my goals, values and Big 5 and ‘graduate’ them into a plan.
  5. Visualization – emotionally engage with what my life will look like in the key areas of my life – both on 2011-12-31 and when I have achieved everything.

With thanks to Robin Sharma for some of the insights and inspiration.


About Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart exists to serve by igniting potential. Husband. Dad. Leader. Cyclist. Friend.
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