10.5 Great Happenings in 2010

These are the 10.5 happenings that I am really grateful for from last year.

  1. Valerie (my wife) got her second hip replacement and is almost completely pain free
  2. I realized that I am more than capable of getting a job as VP of Sales
  3. Callum (my son) is growing up into a responsible and successful young man
  4. I got recognition at work
  5. Turbulent times build great leaders – I got recognition from some of my customers and developed new contacts as a result of some of the supply issues that we had during the year
  6. I climbed Helvellyn (via Striding Edge) and Scafell Pike with my son
  7. I took Callum and his friend Jack to the WW1 memorials at the Somme battlefields and realize how lucky we are to live in a period of comparative peace
  8. I discovered many great inspirational teachers such as Darren Hardy, Chris Widener, Jeffrey Gitomer, Tom Hopkins and Robin Sharma and learned more about the outstanding works of the late, great, Jim Rohn and Earl Nightingale.
  9. I discovered the power of gratitude – and rekindled my love for and relationship with my wonderful wife, Valerie
  10. I got passionate about fitness and health

10.5 I remained smoke-free throughout the year!

I learned 5 great lessons in 2010:

  1. Being a victim is a horrible place to be. Far better to take responsibility and focus on the things in my sphere of control
  2. In every adversity lie the seeds of opportunity
  3. I still have some self-limiting beliefs (which I need to work on in 2011)
  4. I must review and work on my goals on a daily basis
  5. Preparation is everything!

About Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart exists to serve by igniting potential. Husband. Dad. Leader. Cyclist. Friend.
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