25 Top Marketing and Sales Tips

  1. Become totally unforgettable – what can you do to make sure that your prospective clients never forget you, and always know who to go to first for the product or service that you are selling?
  2. Give outstanding customer service.
  3. Make promises and keep them (and remind your clients that you kept them).
  4. Word of mouth advertising is free, low cost, or, at worst, it’s pay-for-results advertising.
  5. Establish a KITE (Keep In Touch Every…) program. Write to your top clients every month.
  6. Leverage your testimonials – ask your clients to put their testimonial in writing, and then ask them for referrals.
  7. A client who comes to you by referral is much more likely to refer business to you themselves.
  8. People prefer to buy from people they are recommended, so are much less likely to shop around.
  9. Referred clients are less price sensitive.
  10. Referred clients are more loyal and spend more.
  11. People who are referred to you are easier to sell to, because they are less sceptical.
  12. The conversion rate on referrals is higher, so you have to see fewer people to get the same amount of business (if every one of your clients referred you just one new customer this year, then you would double your client base, your sales would double and your profits would more than double).
  13. People buy people before they buy products and services – you’ve got to sell yourself first!
  14. You need to develop rapport with a prospective client through agreement and trust (you must have trust before people will buy).
  15. People like people they would like to be like!
  16. Knowing anything about your customer is better than knowing everything about your product or service (you can’t bore or bully people into buying).
  17. Sell using metaphors… “It’s like…”
  18. Make your services more convenient for the buyer – take away any roadblocks to buying.
  19. People buy on emotions, not logic. Work on the emotions. “You can’t sell someone an aspirin if they don’t have a headache!”
  20. All things being equal, people always buy on price. So, your only job is to make sure that ‘things’ are not equal!
  21. Make direct marketing appeal to your end client, not yourself!
  22. Three rules for direct marketing (sales letters) to be successful –  Get it delivered; Get it opened; Get it read. Use 10 or 12-point serif font, such as Courier or Times New Roman.
  23. The purpose of the letter (or a cold telephone call) is to get an appointment. Don’t give away the whole picture. State the obvious in the first sentence – the reader must agree with you.
  24. Write down your objectives/goals for life and review them every day. You become what you think about.
  25. People remember sales pitches more because of the body language (55%) and the tonality (38%) than the actual words used (7%).

About Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart exists to serve by igniting potential. Husband. Dad. Leader. Cyclist. Friend.
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