Questions to ask yourself when you feel upset or angry with someone

Do you find yourself getting upset or angry with someone? A supplier? A co-worker? A family member? I know I do! Listening to Tony Robbins “Live With Passion” he outlined 7 questions to ask yourself when this happens.

  1. Am I willing to learn something? Am I willing to do something to make this better?
    – Will making this person wrong make them want to help me?
  2. What is it that is really upsetting me in this situation? What is the specific meaning I link to this?
  3. Could this be a mis-perception or misinterpretation on my part?
    – Do I have all the information needed to be absolutely sure what this means?
  4. What else could this mean?
    – How could I get new, more empowering meanings?
  5. What do I need, in order to feel good now?
    i. Do I need to change my perception?
    ii. Do I need to find out more information?
    iii. Do I need to understand the other person’s viewpoint or why they did this?
    iv. Do I need to know this person cares (for me)?
    v. Do I need to get commitment from this person?
    vi. Do I need to change the way we are doing something?
    vii. Do I need to apologize?
    viii. Do I need to remember who this person is?
  6. How can I communicate my needs in a way that empowers my relationship with this person?
    – “I need your help…”
  7. What is good about this?

About Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart exists to serve by igniting potential. Husband. Dad. Leader. Cyclist. Friend.
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