Leadership Law #1 – The Law of the Lid

The Law of the Lid – Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.

Think of yourself inside a cylinder. If the lid is really low, you will feel squashed up and unable to do much. Your effectiveness is limited by having a low lid. If, however, the lid is raised, then we might be able to stand up and move about: we can do a lot more.

This is the Law of the Lid. The height of the Lid we have on our lives determines how effective we can be.

Maxwell gives, as an example, the McDonald brothers, who opened their pioneering hamburger restaurant in San Bernadino, CA, in the 1950s. Although they were very good managers, their leadership skills were low (they had a low lid) and they were unable to expand the business until Ray Kroc came into the business. Kroc had a very high leadership lid – the rest, as they say, is history!

What’s in it for me?

Without leadership ability, our personal effectiveness is limited. The higher you want to climb, the more you need leadership. This is true at home, on the sports field, in the voluntary sector as well as in business.

  • List some of your major goals – which ones need other people to help you achieve the goal? How can you improve your leadership effectiveness to bring greater buy in and help from those people?
  • Ask others to rate your leadership in terms of people skills; planning and strategic thinking; vision and results.

How much are you willing to put in to develop and grow YOUR leadership skills and lift your lid?


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Andrew Stewart exists to serve by igniting potential. Husband. Dad. Leader. Cyclist. Friend.
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