What if they say YES?

I am not sure who it was who first said it. I know it was the late, great Clive Gott who first brought this to my attention:

Instead of worrying about them saying No, what if they say yes?

This could apply to asking someone for a date; a special price; an upgrade on a plane or many other things.

Recently, I was at my son’s school at a careers evening. One parent, talking about Oxford or Cambridge University voiced a fear that his or her child would not be considered for a place. How refreshing it would be to flip that thinking and ask the question “what if my child were offered a place?” What would that mean to us, in a positive way?

Other ways of flip it thinking (for the term Flip It, I have to thank Michael Heppell) might be saying to yourself “What if they do respond?” instead of “What if they don’t respond?” or “What if she says yes?” instead of “What if she says no?”

A difference in attitude can be as simple as  a change in the way we ask questions of ourselves.

Jim Rohn wrote that our language can also affect those around us. If you have teenage children, no doubt they have said “I need £10”. If you tell your teenager “that language doesn’t work around here. We’ve got plenty of money, but that’s not how you get £10” then you start to teach your teenager to ask themselves “How can I earn £10?”.

Try flipping your question around in your head and asking yourself the opposite. You’ll soon notice the difference.


About Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart exists to serve by igniting potential. Husband. Dad. Leader. Cyclist. Friend.
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