Leadership Law #7 – The Law of Respect

People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves

In groups, people usually look to someone who is stronger (maybe physically; maybe in certain talents or skills) and they follow that stronger person. We often find that, the more leadership ability a person has, the more quickly he or she recognizes leadership in others. There are certain factors by which leaders gain respect.

  1. Natural leadership ability. Yes, some people seem to be ‘born’ with charisma. It is also true that we can all lift our own lid (leadership law number 1) and develop our own leadership skills.
  2. Respect for others. Good leaders understand that their followers have a choice about whether they follow or not. When leaders show respect for others, especially those in a lower position or less fortunate, they gain respect from others – and people want to follow people they respect.
  3. Courage. People admire people who have the courage to stand alone by their beliefs and values.
  4. Success. People like winners and try to be like winners.
  5. Loyalty. When a leader sticks with the team and supports them, the followers respect the leader more and more.
  6. Value added to others. Followers value leaders who add value to them; who do something for them. See the Law of Addition.

How can you earn the respect of others? You can’t demand respect – look what happened with vain dictators like Gadaffi in Libya. Earning respect is a long hard road.


About Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart exists to serve by igniting potential. Husband. Dad. Leader. Cyclist. Friend.
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