Great Customer Service

I visited the Apple Store in Manchester’s Trafford Centre yesterday. I have to admit that I adore the Apple Store – I can’t spend enough time looking at all the wonderful technology. Yesterday was the first time I had visited the store with the intention to purchase something, though!

What a fantastic customer experience! I just loved buying there. From the technology – pressing a button on the display to call someone to help me – to the service. The sales man was wonderful – no pressure, just making sure that we had everything we need.

Then the pièce de résistance – the lady who helped with the set up! She ran through the iPad, how it works and how to get all my son’s applications and music from the cloud.

On my way out, I saw 3 or 4 other stores where I could have bought an iPad. I doubt if any of them would have given 1% of the experience and plain old GREAT service that the Apple Store gave me.

Earlier this week, Seth Godin posted this blog on the subject “Forbidden to Care”

The rigid, measured, top down structure of big company customer service makes it almost impossible for the rep to care about you when you call.

One new trend is that if you have a complicated problem or a bit of attitude in your voice, the call center rep will ‘accidentally’ disconnect you. You’re going to hurt his numbers. His yield will go down and it’s just not worth it. Let someone else take the call…

When organizations take away all flexibility and power from their frontline employees, they’re depriving the people with the highest leverage from doing the most important thing: caring.

Yes, Apple has great technology, great products, great software and is a great brand. They also care. Deeply. And do things very differently.

I love them – and I will be back. They have made sure that I remain a raving fan.


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