Three Words for 2013

I have chosen three words to help focus my goals and efforts in 2013.

1. Audacious
2. Focus
3. Lid

To be audacious means to be bold or daring. I want to get out of my comfort zone and do things differently this new year.

Focus means a relentless attention on working on my most important things to do; the items on my to do list that are going to make the biggest impact on achieving my goals and delivering a successful outcome. In other words, procrastination is forbidden!

Lid comes from John Maxwell’s First Law of Leadership – The Law of the Lid – Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness. The height of the Lid we have on our lives determines how effective we can.

Three interlinked words for me this year. I will lift my own lid by focussing on the important stuff with audaciously massive action.

What are your 3 words? Take a look at Chris Brogan’s blog for some more ideas and background. Please feel free to share your words in the comments.


About Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart exists to serve by igniting potential. Husband. Dad. Leader. Cyclist. Friend.
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