The Sharp Angle: Identifying the last objections

Have you ever sat in a sales meeting and your prospect is giving you some signals that they are ready to buy? When you move in to the close, suddenly the client brings up an unexpected objection and the sales process falls apart?

I am sure that we have all been in that situation!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple question that asks for a show of commitment and helps to identify any remaining objections?

The Sharp Angle is a question that asks “If I could [do x], would you do y [order/go ahead, etc.]?” The ‘x’ might be to arrange payment terms, expedite delivery or something similar.

A variant is “What would have to happen for you to move forward with this?”

The beauty of asking a question like this is that it is not threatening – it asks for a sign of commitment. Often this might bring out one of the following:

  • Your prospect shows his or her hand – what is really on their mind
  • Your prospect shows that he or she is not really ready to go ahead
  • It might bring out some more objections, which have not been covered

Whatever your prospect says in response to your question is likely to be very valuable and identify the criteria for agreement and for closing the sale.


For more information, check out Haider Imam, and his book Straight to Yes


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