What is your “Aunt Martha”?

Brian Tracy tells the story of a young couple who are only just scraping by. They don’t have any savings. Their Aunt Martha tells them that they are their favourites and they will inherit everything one she has gone.

Time passes on and still Aunt Martha refuses to die. One day, the wife asks her husband “what if Aunt Martha lives on for another 20 years”? They decide that they need to do something themselves and launch their business.

Twenty years later, Aunt Martha dies. The couple find out that all their siblings and cousins thought that they themselves were the favourites and that they would inherit everything. Aunt Martha had been living off the “generosity” of her nephews and nieces all that time and died penniless.

The moral of the story?

What is your “Aunt Martha”?

What are you waiting on to happen before you take action and commit yourself?

In the words of the sportswear giant from Beaverton, Oregon, “Just Do It”!


About Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart exists to serve by igniting potential. Husband. Dad. Leader. Cyclist. Friend.
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One Response to What is your “Aunt Martha”?

  1. Nice fable. Fortunately, life events taught me very early that Aunt Marthas are few and far between and never should be relied on.

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