I’m Not Too Bad

The words you speak predict the future you will live. Words have an extraordinary power to shape your decisions, choices and actions.

So why do so many people (in Great Britain, at least) use phrases like “I’m not too bad” when asked how they are?

Bad compared to what?

Another curious meme is for people to prefix a statement with “If I’m honest” or “to be honest…”

Does that mean that they were telling lies before?

Seriously, the words we use are very powerful. If you speak like a victim, even if you don’t think you really are a victim, then you are programming your subconscious to produce mediocrity and failure.

If you talk like an elite performer, you will instill the habits of winning, of greatness and mastery.

When I called a friend last week, Gareth answered how he was with the word “spectacular”.

Yes, his response was a little über-positive, but it certainly produced a smile on my face and got me wondering about how to make that day a spectacular one. I’m sure that Gareth really was on fire that day and played at world class.

Go on. Change the words. Tell people, including yourself, that you are good, great, wonderful, cashing cheques, awesome or even magnificent or spectacular.

Just don’t be bad. Or not not too bad.

Thanks to Robin Sharma for inspiring part of this blog.


About Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart exists to serve by igniting potential. Husband. Dad. Leader. Cyclist. Friend.
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