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Deliver a Flawless Presentation

One of the most common habits which detract from a good presentation (whether delivering a formal presentation or in some kind of formal talk) is the erm count. I’m sure that you  have been listening to someone speak and been distracted … Continue reading

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Marketing and Value

I came across a fascinating definition of marketing this week, listening to Seth Godin’s Startup School. Marketing is all about telling a story about value that resonates with people enough that they want to give you money. So marketing is about … Continue reading

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The best opening line for a sales presentation

I saw this posted on Facebook yesterday by Ace of Sales. They suggested that the best opening line for a sales presentation or meeting is: I brought an idea with me What a great way to open up with a … Continue reading

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The Sharp Angle: Identifying the last objections

Have you ever sat in a sales meeting and your prospect is giving you some signals that they are ready to buy? When you move in to the close, suddenly the client brings up an unexpected objection and the sales … Continue reading

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A Definition of Selling

Selling is getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result that is good for them and getting them to commit emotionally to take action to achieve that result. Dan Kennedy.

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You can’t bore someone into buying!

People buy benefits, not features How many times have you been confused by a technical sales pitch that focuses on features rather than benefits? You will see it in a lot of places – the high street electrical goods retailers, … Continue reading

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Seven Reasons why Word of Mouth Marketing is the Best Way to Acquire New Customers

I recently wrote this as a guest blog for Pete Evans of Altum-V. Check out the original post at It’s free, low cost or at worst, it’s pay-for-results-only advertising A client who comes to you by referral is much … Continue reading

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